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Who We Are

Consider your corporate IT environment not fully in compliance with your business in terms of services and infrastructure as per your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Possibly it looks like scattered dots and you’re capable of delivering more. We are here to assist you to connect your existing dots into an agile and sustainable solutions and products. DOT2LINE LTD. continues to innovate, build, and deliver leading-edge and flexible enterprise ERP, Web development and Infrastructure solutions that expand the applicability of technology in the SMB and Enterprise level, providing easy, safe uses through a single platform. We have brought strategy design and technology to help businesses thrive in rapidly changing market. We do research and find the truth behind a brand and find transformative ideas that seduce the heart of consumer. Please check what our clients say and our works to understand better about us. MEDIA: Digital Advertising- Media Planning & Buying:To reach the targeted and potential customers we first plan the advertising campaign towards excellence. Cause an outstanding and exceptional media plan can be the key of how you using your media and your conversion of customers. DOT2LINE LTD. Creative Studio negotiates the best possible prices with all the media owners like TV and Radio channels, Website, Social, Magazine Publishers any space or airtime both audio-visuals. We ensure your product positioning by choosing the right place within the media for your message to appear. Ad Serving & Trafficking:In one word technically setting up an ad campaign is Ad serving and Trafficking. It is very important to know what? Where? How? And When? To leverage from a campaign. A successful marketing campaign depends on the right answers of these questions. If you do not know these works please get back to us because we have the expertise and answer to your questions. Traditional Media Planning & Buying: Many businesses still believe that Traditional Media is the best choice for them. They are not wrong. Professional flyers, billboards, TV Commercials, Radio Ad and paper or magazines are the great source of customers. But a successful media planer and buyers take customer up to a level of professional quality. For last 6 years DOT2LINE LTD. making TV Ad and designed paper advertisement as we are aware of the trends of different business. We can introduce you an agile products or services that would take your business productivity from a flat line into and upward trending curvature.

What We Do

Social Media Community Management & Monitoring: Social media is an ongoing things it is like a furnished garden that constantly needs to be watered, fertilized and cared for. If you let it go the weeds will set in and things can grow wild and grow unworthy. Social Media Outreach: No matter how great your content is, if nobody knows about it, it is useless and thus you need to show them to the world in a right manner. If you want your content get seen by large numbers of people and if you want to ensure maximum connectivity you need carefully picked complete guidance. Behavioral Segmentation: Behavioral segmentation divides a population based on their behavior, the way the population respond to, use or know of a product or service. It is a careful study of market and customers. To achieve the sales and advertisement target it is inevitable. Market Segmentation: To produce a commercial advantage, to reduce risk and finally to create a strategy “map” of profitability you need to know market segmentation. Study the market for sure success. Analytics Reporting: The best part of digital marketing is its live reporting system. We can analyze effectiveness of our communication live and adapt with the result. DOT2LINE LTD. takes the advantage and provide this facility to client to sit on the top and observe real-time reporting of the campaign. SEO & SEM: SEO is one of the trickiest part of digital marketing. We are keenly observing the evolution of SEO techniques over time. We have mastered the best possible way to make your site searchable and prominent on search result page. Cross-Channel Promotional Ideas: Cross-Channel Strategies offers readers an inside look at the successful cross-channel promotions, campaigns and programs employed by industry leaders. Effective use of all online and offline marketing channels is not difficult. It just needs to do some planning according to the targeted customers. It requires a more complex understanding of user’s unique needs across channels, and consistency between all the channels. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy, even within channels. Social Content Creation: We are all using social media for our business but the question is each and every social media require huge amount of content and a strategic way to use those content. A smart content can show your customer your quality and dedication towards customers. We can create smart content for your company. Our specialist writing and design team can create both image and text that will be your proven asset in the long run. Digital, TV and Radio Copywriting: To sell your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action copywriting is must. No matter what media you are using you need a good copywriting service to represent yourself. If you can make people to pay attention they will buy anything you are selling. To increase your sell and profit you need to use copywriting as a smart tool for your marketing.

Why Choose Us

Graphic Design: Our core service is graphic design. We have a professional team of well-educated and extraordinary talented graphic designers. Whether you are interested in creative logos, marketing brochures, newsletters, trade show displays or point-of-purchase designs, Website Mock-up, Banner Ad for classified sites our professional and talented graphic designers are here to produce your idea – into a reality . Our extraordinary talented graphic designers, art directors, visualizers and copy writers are standing by to help you develop professional marketing communications for all online and offline media. Animation: Our 2D and the 3D animators can create attention-grabbing videos that will help boost your brand, product or service through social networking sites. Bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics are first created and then animated. We can breathe life into 3D characters and images for your movie, product demos, game, television program or presentation most importantly in your website. Our Services covers Flash Animation, Animated videos, Animated Storyboards, Animatic, Animated, illustrations, Specialized Animation Services, Animation for e-learning, Animation for websites, Animation for companies, Animation for entertainment/ media. Usability Design: Usability design is a philosophy of designing to meet users need. If you prefer always your choice to create a website or software it may not be the best idea to portrait your business image towards your customers. So you need a website or software that is user-centered design for creating a good user experience. In DOT2LINE LTD. Creative Studio our professional market research team asses your customer’s need and use it to perform any design and development job. As the result you get the most user centric website or software you need. Video Production: Promotional Video production for the purpose of Presentation of Company has become one of the famous forms of communicating benefits to a target audience. The last decade the marketing policies and action has radically changed into digital form rather than using the traditional methods. All businesses, small and large, are jumping on board to get their start with Multimedia production for their consumers demand it. Audio Production: DOT2LINE LTD. Creative Studio has a team of specialized producers who offer audio production services fit for current media. We try to ensure world class quality production services for individual, private and corporations and their particular projects. We are specialized in voice recording, Song Writing, Voice acting talent, Sound mixing, and composition and so on. Mobile and Tablet Applications and Advertising: If you want to be visible in the market and crate direct marketing channel your first step is Mobile and Tablet Applications and Advertising. Not only that Build Brand and Recognition as well as for improving customer engagement you need a custom made mobile and tablet application created by DOT2LINE LTD. Creative Studio. Software Development: What Software Do you need? DOT2LINE LTD. team is a custom software and infrastructure development destination that specializes in made-to-order software on a variety of technology platforms and can care for deployment and management of your datacenter. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft the perfect custom program that will optimize your company’s workflow. We have been providing the best quality software solution to our clients. Being the leading software development company in Bangladesh, we have served leading corporate entities from home and abroad about their different needs with most industry-oriented customized solutions. In terms of reasonable cost, highest quality of work and customer support, we are clients first pick. Moreover, 95% of our clients are the referral. We operate in diverge range in terms of IT services and Infrastructure deployment across SMB to Enterprise level – · Healthcare mobile applications · Medicare mobile applications · Data Center migration and deployment · Appellate with Amazon · Wholesale Product for E-commerce industry. DOT2LINE LTD. builds client trust through responsible management of critical data and develops consumer confidence in our Enterprise level corporate solutions through reliability and system transparency.

Our Mission

Mission Statement - We’re here to deliver innovative, scalable, and practical IT services and Products that secure and enhance productivity of your business environment and convenience while protecting your IT assets, building accountability and establishing trust to whom we work with.

Our Vission

Our main goal is to develop innovative solutions supporting cutting edge products that address real-world problems by understanding the unique needs of the markets we serve. We foster an environment of creativity with easy access to resources, ensuring an open environment to exchange ideas that powers the IT Infrastructure and services of the corporate environment.


DOT2LINE LTD. Team Up with, Professional, Dedicated, Smart and Hardworking People

Shafi Syed
Managing Director

Tenacious and highly skilled Information Systems professional with over 15 years of experience in both Corporate SMB and Enterprise IT environments. Core competencies include Cisco switching and routing, voice and wireless administration, Microsoft AD services, Microsoft System Center DPM, troubleshooting, and network design and modeling. Excelling in leadership and cross-functional collaboration.

Nazia Juthee

Dear Visitors, I’m Highly skilled professional with 6+ year of hands on experience on following areas of soft skills – Auto-CAD design and expertise of making architectural drawing is her specialty.Well ahead and does have in depth expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Always knowledgeable in 3D Max and Sketch-up. I’m also Well trained and hands on experience in Business Management.

Rasedul Islam

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Dot2line and thank you for your interest. This site will give you an insight into our company, its products and services, and how we can work together.

Dot2line more than 2 years of successful history. we can also look back on a number of some very successful years. At first glance, it might be our products and services that have paved the way for the company’s distinctive success story. However, it’s never just about the products, but always about the people too. And about clear values.

Thank you for your confidence and future support of Dot2line Please let us know how we can be of assistance for you.

Rasedul Islam
Email: rashed@dot2line.net

Anindita Sarkar Ananna


This is Anindita Sarkar Ananna. I am graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia. I am one of the directors of Dot2line. I have been working as graphic designer and lead communicator for international clients for the last 10 years. I am one of the top rated freelancers in Upwork and Biznessapps. I have achieved award from Payoneer as female entrepreneur. I am a multidisciplinary designer and team leader.

I am maintaining the section of outsourcing and Dot2line Freelancer Team in Dot2line.

Thank you for your confidence and future support of Dot2line. Please let us know how we can be of assistance for you.

Anindita Sarkar Ananna
Email: ananna@dot2line.net