Facebook Advert Audience Guidelines

Audience Guidelines

Set your audience the right way by selecting the relevant and specific demographics e.g. age, gender, and location.


Use available options of Detailed targeting and Detailed targeting expansion (available in ads manager).

Use keywords and interest which are directly related to your business vertical and keep the number of keywords defined

Here are some useful links below for more details.

Detailed targeting
Creative Tips
Best practices

More info on best practices when creating a message campaign.

  1. Highlight a brand’s voice. This is a chance to have a 1:1 conversation with a customer. Creating a voice or personality for a brand will help customers get to know a business.
  2. Respond to messages in a timely manner. Best practices show timely responses encourage customers to learn more about a brand or business. Respond within a few business days to maintain customers’ interest.
  3. Greet people once they land in Messenger. Create a personalized welcome message that automatically greets people and describes what they can do with a business in Messenger. Add quick replies to make it easy for people to take preferred actions, for example try listing hours of operation or address.
Creative Guidelines
Engaging and creative ads don’t require expensive equipment or lots of time. Here are 6 tips to improve the power of your creative:

  • Use vertical videos: Use a vertical or square aspect ratio. Most people hold their phones vertically, so you’ll cover more of their screen.
  • Avoid text on images: If you can, use the text/headline/link description boxes instead. If you have to use text on your image, try a smaller font and fewer words to lower the proportion of text to image. Our text overlay tool can help you get your ad approved. Learn more about text on images.
  • Shorten text: People on Facebook and Instagram scan quickly. In research conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association, it took 2–3 seconds for 2 out of 3 for people to see and cognitively recognize desktop ads compared to 0.4 seconds on mobile. Keep your text short, clear and concise to get your message across.
  • Add multiple images using the carousel format: Carousel allows you to show several images for people to scroll through at the same cost. It’s a great opportunity if you have lots of product or brand images. Get carousel tips.
  • Add movement: Ads with movement stand out in News Feed. When you make a Stories ad, you can use free templates that automatically animate your ad. You can also edit the colors, images and fonts. You could also try these free apps:

  • Use calls to action: A range of call-to-action (CTA) buttons are available for Facebook and Instagram ads. These buttons draw attention and encourage people to engage with your ad. Based on what you want people to do when they see your ad, experiment with the CTA buttons available for different ad objectives and formats. See which ones get your audience to take action.
If your business objective is different. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me, I will try my best to help you out.
Rasedul Islam
Facebook Marketing Expert