Evolution of New Era: As modern uprising of Colour Spray Ltd.

People weren’t aware that a new trend was coming with the hand of young youth Rasedul Islam, Founder and Managing director of Colour Spray Ltd. back then. It was 2011 and a fresh, young and creative minded newly graduated 21 years old guy came up with the idea of stepping out of the box, the idea was ” Colour Spray Ltd “, a colourful combination of your dream and reality. It was not easy at all to get people’s acceptance to something which was brought totally new in the market. The start-up company dint stops rather focused on recruiting resourceful youth targeting topmost company agencies and started ruling in the outsourcing market even in U.S.A and from then Colour Spray Ltd. dint have to look back. At present it has record to work with 500 topmost foreign brands all over the world.


Gradually after immense pull of success in outsourcing the company became a BRAND in the country and spread its wings. The company opened Colour Spray Institute teaching hundreds of students Graphics Designing, Web Development and outsourcing as well. The company was not only limited to institute only it started providing multi structural service like Colour Spray Studio and Colour Spray Event management as well.

The another milestone was establishing the market with the idea of Domain and Hosting. The current statistics says right now Colour spray Limited is the only company providing the best world class assurance in case you need your own domain and hosting.

Well fair enough!!!

Was that all??? no it was unbelievable to get all the services including Software Development and App designing, Motion Graphics, VFX, TVC, Documentary shooting, Newspaper magazine under the same roof.

From 2011 to 2019 Colour Spray Limited is now a committed group of young people now focusing on digital marketing and company branding for any start-up company like once they were, creating a way to modern and technology based community and starting of next level of evolution towards another new era.

-Soaiba Zannat